We are a business consulting firm with a portfolio of services for you to start a new business, or take your business to higher levels of performance and profitability. We have the expertise you help you grow your business successfully.

Among our leading services for your business:

Due Diligence

Buying a business without proper professional support is like target shooting blindfolded. Buying a business is a complex matter. There are validations and verifications that MUST be completed to decide if the deal is convenient to you and if the price is right. Without a professional […]

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Immigration Business Plans

There are many Visa options to come to the United States of America, both as immigrant and as non-immigrant. Many of them are based on employment or business initiatives. To get advice on the option that best fits your case, consult with your immigration […]

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Business Plans for Other Purposes

A Business Plan is like the road map to start your new business, or to develop the vision of your existing business. Working with a thorough and well thought out business plan will sensibly improve your chances for success! The business plan will assert the what, where, when and how […]

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Guided Business Acquisition (GBA)

his is a very important, exciting, and can be very rewarding. It can as well be frustrating and extremely costly if you make the mistakes that so many investors make. In effect, 90% of those who initiate[…]

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Market Potential Evaluation

You need critical intelligence about consumer behavior, market size, market potential and other important sales factors to make wise decisions in selling your product or service. If… You have a great idea and want to know if there is a sizable market for it […]

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Retail Site Selection

Have you heard that the three most important factors for business success are LOCATION, LOCATION, and LOCATION? This is particularly true when your product must be located within convenient geographical reach of your customers. To properly select the right location for retailers […]

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Business Process Management

Initiatives that improve critical business processes, to boost efficiency and achieve profitable growth. Business process management (BPM) can help you achieve increased market competitiveness, better customer service, higher productivity and stronger return on investment. […]

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